Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank you, Knowledgeable Chennai Crowd

The idea of visiting the town of charm - Chennai originated with a friend moving there in April last year. I had been there on May but that was the worst time of the year to visit a place like that. Everyone knows the 3 seasons of Chennai - Hot, Hotter and Hottest! And May is falls in middle of the hottest months of the year.
Anyway, this blog is not about my earlier visit, so I'll stop there.
I will not talk about how I despise Chennai Summers, either. This being the winter, I expected it to be bearable, if not pleasant, but to my surprise it was actually VERY pleasant.

'Twas the Season to be jolly. Yeah. The Christmas season had arrived and it had been over a month since another friend had moved to Chennai. That was an incentive for me to visit the city. Thanks to twitter, I now know a lot more people from Chennai than from my own town. So, took the opportunity of the year-end-shutdown at office to visit all of them.

Boy, was that a great decision! I may not have partied for the New year's. I may not have drunk. I may not have traveled, but what could be better than meeting some awesome people! As an icing on the cake, I got to go to the ARR live-in-concert.

Was that brilliant or what! My first ever concert. Rain-drenched. Soaking-wet. The crowd had not moved an inch. I, being what's known as "Enthu pattani", went to the venue at 2PM for the 6PM concert to put towel and hold seats for my friends (you know who you are, #giuTreat). Rained all through until the concert began, but I got to hear the songs being performed even before it did. All the artists were there rehearsing back stage with the mics ON. :D
The man's called AR RahGod for no silly reason. We were literally drenched by "Isai Puyal" (Musical cyclone). Whatte Man!
Except for a few screw-ups by Hariharan and  the ads for Jaya TV serials in between the songs, I had the time of my life at the concert.

I made sure I met as many twitter folks as possible over multiple tweet-ups. First one was a small one in a posh tea kadai called Pascucci and the second one was over dinner at a restaurant called Kailash Parbat. Both nice places. Was blown away by the crowd that was waiting outside Kailash Parbat when we exited. Didn't think the food was THAT great. The ambiance was good, though.

Stood in the queue for 5 hours to get to see the deity at the Singa-Perumal koil on Vaikunta Ekadasi day.

Wasted money in watching The Hobbit. Before you outrage, I Haven't watched LoTR series, so...

After the itching wait, finally got to watch Sivaji 3D in Dolby ATMOS at Sathyam Cinemas. I owe an apology to everyone who turned up that day for I had all their tickets and ended up being terribly late. Sorry. Really.

You! Yes, you! Go watch it. If you haven't watched it yet or even if you have, book a ticket to Chennai and watch it in ATMOS. Mind-blowing it is. And it is a completely different movie in 3D.

Watched NKPK - One hilarious movie this one is. Watch it if you already haven't.

Went to the Vandalur Zoo. Whatte place! Spent one entire day there and if you love animals, this is a must-see. One suggestion - Don't take the golf cart. Take the cycle or walk, if you want to see all animals leisurely.

Met some long-time-no-see friends, but only briefly - Most of them being busy. Looks like only I was completely vetti this time of the year. :P Anyway, I could use this as an excuse for going again. Chennai is just 6 hours away from Bangalore.

If only Chennai had Bangalore's weather, I'll gladly move. Whatte town. What warmth. What people! Love the place, although I have no deep connection to it.

And did I mention my romance with trains? Chennai's sub-urban trains - oh my love!

With that came the time to pack-up and get back to the grind. What a way to end a year and start another one. Thank you Chennai. Thanks to all the people who made it to the tweet-ups and to the ones I met. Yuvaar the bestest!

Here's wishing you 2013 to be the best year so far, in your lives. Take care. Be good. Until next time... :)

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