About Me

My name, if you didn't pay attention, is Karthikeyan. Graduating out of college, finishing B.E., I ought to BE somewhere and where else to be in Bangalore, the Silicon Plateau of India, than in IT, right? So, presently working in Bristlecone Labs as an ABAP developer, starting off with PHP, now.

Besides computers, I am interested in music. I sing sometimes, though not trained in any way. Some people like it and some don't. I don't really care as I sing for my personal pleasure. 

I'm a sucker for good music. I am not biased with particular genres and love any kind of music. Love most of AR Rahman's and some Ilayaraja's compositions.

I also like reading, mostly science-fiction and fantasy, though I am a slow reader and try not to stress myself. Here's what I'm currently reading on GoodReads

Bangalore has always been and will be (hopefully) my home. I love this city, notwithstanding all its woes, for its single biggest advantage - Weather.

I have recently started taking interest in Web development though not anything too serious. Planning to get my hand around a few technologies there besides my professional obligation to SAP ABAP. 

You can contact me at and let me know about any event that has free entry and good food. Did I mention? I'm also a Veggie foodie.

If you are the kind who says "Work hard, party harder", you are not my type. You'd be better off staying away from me as I don't smoke or drink alcohol, but if your idea of a party involves a lot of good veg food, any milk based drinks or anything at all to satisfy a sweet tooth, don't forget to count me in.