Monday, March 28, 2011

eMBA, High School re-union, Gadgetize – Whatte weekend!

Disclaimer: This is more of a journal entry for me to remember this weekend. I’m just listing out the events. Don’t complain that it is boring and that I hadn’t warned you. Although, it has some pretty interesting links. Check them out and let me know if any of it interests you too.

“Oh you have an MBA? In that case, I’ll just show you how to do it!”

It all started with an SMS inviting me to attend a conference on eMBA (conducted by silicon India). I attended it and learnt about executive MBA programs that are on offer, their merits and comparisons with regular MBA programs and what is in it for me. Although the program on the whole was conducted a bit shabbily (It being a whole day program, expected the organizers to have some food arranged but to my disappointment, they hadn’t) I got to learn something from it.

This was followed by the high school re-union that I had organized for my school batch-mates. This happening 10 years after we had passed out from school had created a huge excitement in everyone and it turned out to be a memorable evening to be cherished for a long long time.


 Next morning involved attending the Bangalore classic scooter club’s scooter rally which I was attending after a hiatus of over six months. So, naturally, I was excited. For those who didn’t know – Yes, I’m a scooter fanatic and I’m part of the Bangalore classic scooter club involved in the noble cause of SoS – “Save our scooters” campaign. More info about the rally can be found here. If you are already on Team-BHP, check out this thread.

That same evening was a more happening event called “Gadgetize”, organized by @tsuvik and @hnprashanth. Although this time around, this event was sponsored by Dell, the format was so informal without any agenda that we had an Amazing setting, Amazing Coffee, Amazing conversations with some amazing people. Had a great time with fellow geeks of Bangalore. It was at “Matteo Coffea” on Church street. Check it out if you are heading that way. A mesmerizing place.

I must admit. I had the one of the most eventful weekend of my life.
What was your most eventful weekend? What did it involve? Let me know.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Google Person Finder for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

The Google Person Finder for Japan Earthquake / Tsunami currently lets you report the wherabouts of missing people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it subsequently lets you search through records as well.

If you have information about someone affected by the Japan earthquake, you can provide information about that person in Google's Person Finder app. The app is available in Japanese as well.