Monday, January 17, 2011

Developing for the web? Are you Sure?

There are countless number of web developers in our own backyard. Ones calling themselves experts in the field and yet dishing out the most standards non-compliant websites which may nevertheless look great but fail so grotesquely on a browser that it was not designed for (which usually means anything other than IE).

Are you a student, aspiring to learn web development? Or are you an experienced developer finding it difficult to give cross-browser compatibility to your developments?

Are "Where to go?" "Whom to ask?" and "what to do?" are three big questions looming in your head? Fear not for Opera has created a very nice resource just for you.

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I being interested not in hard core web development but nonetheless in web standards, while flipping through various Google results, stumbled upon this resource, created by my favourite browser company - Opera. The Web standards Curriculum.

I found it terribly useful and it made a lot of sense. Most of all, it was very simple to understand even to a n00b like me.

The series of articles have just begun and Opera promises to have more than 50 articles, soon, on the subject. Hoping to see a lot of great articles, here's wishing the Opera team all the best.

Let me know how you like this resource, what, in your opinion is lacking or needs to be added.