Saturday, November 2, 2013

Badhusha - Deepavali Special

For 15 Badhushas of medium size:
1. Dalda - 1 cup (Davara)
2. Maida - 3 cups
3. Cooking soda - A pinch
4. Sugar - 1.5 cups (depending on the intensity of a sweet tooth you have, you can reduce or increase this quantity)
5. Curd - 1/2 cup
6. Water - 1/4 cup (for sugar syrup)
Take 3 cups of Maida in a basin, mix the 1 cup of Dalda with this flour. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER. This will remain mostly dry for now.

Take a pinch of cooking soda in a small cup. Add a couple of teaspoons full of curd and beat them well together until the soda dissolves.

Add the above Soda+Curd mixture to the Maida dough mixed earlier and pour the rest of the curd too, into it. Mix all of this together until it comes to a consistency of soft Chapathi dough. The curd gives the wetness to form the dough. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER. Keep this dough covered and let it rest for a few minutes. About 5.

Sugar syrup:
Take the 1.5cups sugar in a heavy bottomed vessel. I used a pressure cooker without its lid.

Pour the 1/4th cup of water into this vessel. Dissolve the sugar in the water and  bring it to a boil.

Boil only until it becomes slightly sticky. Do not boil it too much or the sugar will not soak into the dough and will only crystallize on the surface. As shown in the picture below, the syrup should slowly drip.

Badhusha - Final Steps:
Boil oil in another wide open vessel to deep fry the dough.

Take a lemon-sized amount of dough, make it into a ball and then flatten it.

Press with your thumb in the middle of the circular dough and then poke a few holes on its surface all around, using a sharp object like a pin.

Now deep-fry these cakes on a medium flame, until it turns golden brown which indicates that it's fully cooked.

Strain the oil and dunk these fried Badhusha cakes into the sugar syrup. Let it rest for the sugar to soak in.

Serve the sweet to yearning souls. Happy Eating! :-)