Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Retrospect

1. Traveled by an International flight for the first time
2. Visited a foreign county for the first time
3. Saw roads of the middle east for the first time
4. Saw snow for the first time
5. Bought my first basketball shoes and converse shoes
6. Discovered nutella and chocolate flakes
7. Ate my first cup-cake (have had muffins before)
8. Got promoted
9. Made some amazing friends, mostly through Twitter
10.Followed many people, un-followed a few
11. Met a lot of Twitter folks in person
12. Attended my first real live concert
13. Discovered food street and CTR thanks to the new friend I made - Apoorva
14. Have bowled more than any other year - Thanks to another new friend, Vinay
15. Discovered the joy of oor suthifying pointlessly with a friend
16. Watched more plays/movies/shows this year than any other
17. Moved to a better house
18. Met some lovely folks in Madras
19. Been the Busiest and the laziest at work, this year
20. In one sentence - Awesome food, awesome company and an awesome time has been had.

Some things I wish to do in 2013:
1. Read more. One book every fortnight challenge of Aska has been taken up
2. Learn and work on new stuff
3. Travel more
4. Last but not definitely the keystone for doing the rest - Make more money.

Here's wishing you a very happy new year.

I'd like to hear your story. Comment away.

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