Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indha Avinasi oru visuvaasi - MMKR Dialogue compilation

After +Mirnalini Venkatraman posted some dialogue reference to a dialogue from Thilli Mullu on twitter, I had asked her what she meant and got blasted for not getting the reference. This +Ashokha Varshini gave me the imposition to write for such a grave ignorance. Then, @_curses tweeted another dialogue from MMKR which also I didn't seem to "get". Just like Avinasi, I am also one visuvaasi so, as an alternative to writing imposition, I decided to download a watch both Michael Madana Kama Rajan and Thillu Mullu again and live tweet both movies' dialogues and I did. This blog post is to compile all those tweets into a single source for future reference as suggested by +bala kumaran So, here goes:

Thanks to all of you who had tweeted, for making this as comprehensive as possible. Please @reply tweet to me or post here in the comments, some of the dialogues that we (everyone tagged in the tweets above) may have missed.

Next post: #ThilluMullu based :)

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