Saturday, May 22, 2010

Supernatural guardian

Supernatural phenomena needn't always have to be evil or horrific as portrayed in movies. It can do some good to people who believe too. I know that I'm starting to sound like some God-man but I can't deny the fact that is happening to me. I don't, for sure, know if it is supernatural but as long as it is affecting my life in a good way, I don't care what it is.

Creation of Adam

This may sound silly but ever since my dad passed away, I feel like someone's monitoring my activities. It is almost like they're right there watching my every move. When I procrastinate doing a certain thing then there occurs something that forces me to stop and get off my ass and do that thing. e.g. If I'm stuck to the computer on a weekend without even brushing or bathing then there's a power cut. You may say that Power-cuts in Bangalore are the most ubiquitous thing and it was just coincidence but as soon as I'm in the Bathroom, the power is back and this has happened too many times to be just a coincidence.

And for the past few days, looks like someone's listening to my wishes and granting it. Whatever I wished for is happening. My gut tends to always ask "Dad, Is it you?" Who/whatever it may be, Thank you! Thanks a tonne. Thanks for everything that you may have done for me without I realizing that it's you. :)

Observe carefully and you'd notice somethings happening in your day-to-day life that looks like it is being conspired for you. Take a moment to think of the possibilities for all the events in one day of your life and I bet you that you'll have something sticking out without an explanation. Wonder what it is. Think it out and the more you think of it and thank the person who you think is doing it, the more often such events start occurring and before you know it, your life has turned more pleasant. At least for me it has.

Speaking about thanking people, the other thing that I've noticed whenever I go to a place of worship is people asking for this and that - happiness, pleasure, health and wealth and a million other things that exists in this world but the people I've found thanking for what they've got already were far and few between. Since the time I realized this, I've never actually asked God for anything. I admit it, I'm no saint. I do have desires but they remain desires and I find ways to fulfil them but never ask GOD for it. I've only been thanking him for what I've already got - it may be as miniscule as a pen that I bought but I thank him not for the object itself but for the ability he's given me to buy that and the relatively better position in society that I am in compared to a million others.

I heard a story the other day about how heaven is divided into 3 departments. The first department had hundreds of thousands of angels working hard segregating all the prayers received. The second department again was bustling with activity with as many angels sending out the granted wishes. Then there was the third department where there was just one Angel sitting and that too sitting idle without any work. When inquired that was the department to receive thanks for the wishes granted. I guess that pretty much sums up the moral of the story. Thank. Thank God or whoever you may think is responsible for life to be the way it is for you. Whatever you need would be granted automatically if you need it.

Let me end with a quote from "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." So, stop worrying about waiting for divine intervention and thank for what you've already got and work towards what you want.

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