Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swooshing in a wormhole!

Managed to gather a lot of dope (owing to a lot of protest, I'm changing this word :p ) content last weekend but I'm caught in this wormhole of the space-time continuum and am not able to post it all. Waiting for the weekend when I will be able to get myself the molecular transporter and ask scotty to beam me out of this. So, see you all then folks...


  1. Dope? Man... don't make it sound so much like the real thing. That term is generally used as in "get the dope on ". Used as an isolated term by itself makes it sound like you're upto some illegal stuff. :P

  2. Ecjactly dude you can get into trouble for speaking such stuff online man.. :) Some discretion is required i say...