Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it an insect? A grasshopper? A spider? Nah...

Just found this interestingly shaped fiber of coconut stuck to my indoor water tank in the bathroom of my house:

Coconut Fiber

I think my mom had washed coconuts for tomorrow's Ganesh (what we tamils call Pillayar) Chathurthi. You may ask why wash the outside of a coconut. Well, you know how Indians do somethings calling it tradition but the actual practice had got modified so much that now it makes no sense at all, but we still do it.

Looking forward to the fest as This is one occasion where "Kozhakattai"  - the item with sweet, inside a cocoon of rice flour,baked, is made. Mmm... yummy!

Colleagues, don't drool already. I shall get you some on Monday. Although, don't blame me if it is too less. My mom's not a factory you see.

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