Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Transformers

Cinema. Yes, the almost omnipresent medium that arguably contributes to the majority of impressions, prejudices and philosophies through its  rhetoric on young minds especially during their impressionable ages. At least on me - it did. Cinema coupled with the preconceived notions on society, on the rights and wrongs and consequently our behaviour toward the existence of such deeds, of our parents, make us who we are, but does it end there? The making of a gentleman or a lady?
There comes the age at which nothing is taken at face value. Everything is questioned. Everything is viewed with a sense of  scepticism. Every single thing urging us to rebel against the system. To bring about a change, but change isn't always necessarily good, is it? Not until the realisation, that some things are better left unchanged, dawns upon us. The old adage of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" proving to be the solution to most problems.
And then comes the age of a higher aspiration. An aspiration to become a better human being, a better person, a better role model to the next generation. To not be a burden on this earth. To contribute something meaningful and make someone else's life a little bit more easier, a little bit more comfortable, a little bit less harsh at the very least.
What brings about this transformation? Who is the transformer? Is it just cinema alone? Is it my parents whom I want to make proud? Is it the girl I want to impress through my chivalry? Am I natively chivalrous or am I doing it only for others' eyes? Is it the next door neighbours' kids who I want to look up to me? Is it my earning capacity that has put me in touch with the slightly more affluent society where things considered taboo earlier in my middle class upbringing are no more so?
Why do my perspectives change? Why do my belief systems change? Who am I trying to be? Why do I put on a show? Is it all just a play? Am I taking others' opinions too seriously? or am I just not caring at all?

Are these what make one a person who they are?
Food for thought.

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