Friday, July 5, 2013

Verbal Diarrhoea

Sorry. That's what we're taught to say when we hurt someone. 
Whether we did something intentionally or not doesn't matter once the damage is done. 
Whether the action was intentional, but hurting wasn't the goal isn't relevant. All that remains is the fact that you hurt someone.
It may be something good in the long run, but is it worth losing a friend over is for contemplation.
Do not open your mouth where it's not required will be something you learn, a lesson not taught in the manse.
Or what comes out may reveal the suspense, but rob you off the romance.
The person may forgive and forget. 
Yet, this mind may want to apologise once again for the friendship it begets.
And you will be haunted forever by the trust you lost, to indulge your verbal diarrhoea. For you'd have proved you're a fool by breaking your silence. 

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