Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You Never Know

There are things you want desperately at times and you don't get it. There are others that you are fine either way and those are the ones that fall into place effortlessly. Then there's the third kind that you never thought of would happen to you and they do - both good things and bad things.

Now, how one should handle these highs and lows can be answered with a single phrase - "This too shall pass" except no one knows how long it would take to pass. You aren't sure if it is a good thing for it to pass so that you can move on to higher place or if it's passing just rocks the boat and takes you to much worse position than you are in currently. So, what should one do in such circumstances?

Choice is what determines the future. Not luck, CHOICE. At your death-bed if you recount the path that you had treaded, you'll see the choices that you made. You'll see that even if one small such choice was made differently, your life could've taken a whole new course. Things wouldn't have turned out the way they did. Hind-sight is twenty-20 they say, but you'd never know even at your death bed, if you made the right choices. You never know if you made your choices differently, if it would have been for the better or for worse. That's life.


Go with the flow. Make the choices when you have to. Give your mind the maximum time for it to come to a decision. This can be contrary to being decisive but creative people are not decisive. So, consider yourself one. Your mind will make the choice for the most creative/original solution to a problem. Or will it just delay the decision making and you could lose the window of opportunity that you were presented to make the decision to take the path that appeared so easily in front you. That's it.


Why is everything so complicated? I sit and ponder... to make my next immediate decision that's going to change my LIFE!

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  1. Everything is already written.You are doing nothing at all.We are just mere puppets.There is no point in pondering about choices made in the past.Live in the moment.Search for a higher truth.That is the ultimate goal of life.