Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who moved my house?

Finally we've moved out to a larger, better, cleaner, greener house after living in one for 52 years continuously.
The thought of leaving your neighbors, friends, the familiarity, the bond of staying in a particular neighbourhood for over half a century for my family and my entire life was indeed scary. I will not lie. But we've overcome it and thanks to an ex-colleague and friend Nagaraj, we've moved into this new neighbourhood and have fallen in love with it despite its woes like unmetalled roads and frequent telephone disconnections (twice in the last one week - something to do with Airtel and not the neighbourhood).
Following up with my previous post where I mentioned about Perfect packers and movers - those idiots said they're booked at three last moment despite me booking 2 weeks in advance. So, finally after enquiring a lot, decided to go with Laxmi packets & movers for 7k plus the tip of 600 to the workers - I know that wasn't necessary but the kind of hardship they went through to get one if cupboards up - you should've been there to see it.
This was quite far away from my sister's college but she had only three days of exams left when we had moved in. It has been almost a month since we moved in and we have gotten easily accustomed to the new way of life, here.
Looks like we are better than our neighbours downstairs in gathering information and getting our utilities in place.
We've transferred our gas connection, found where the post office is, the cheapest grocer, the cable TV, telephone, internet, everything's setup and running. Our neighbour, on the other hand are yet to figure out most of these things despite being here for more than two years, now. B-)
Like everywhere else, even here, electricians, carpenters and plumbers all act like they are Lords and getting their appointment must be harder than meeting the CM.
After a lot of haggling we've got the plug points and the plumbing ready for the fridge and washing machine but yet to get some nails nailed onto the walls. Life is very difficult without those wall clocks and clothes hangers.
So, apart from these few hiccups, we've begun to call this new house, our home. That's it for now. See you next time. Until then, happy reading.

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