Friday, March 5, 2010

Becoming a Wing Rider!

Has been quite a while since my last post, isn't it?

Well, like any other blog, I'm no more going to apologise for the infrequent posts. That's the way it is. You understand, right? Well, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So, let's skip straight into topic: Becoming a Wing rider. Some people might wonder what that means but those who have been following my tweets/buzzes/facebook status updates etc would know exactly what it means, don't you? Yes, as you might have heard, I'm getting a new motorcycle for myself for my daily commute to work - The "Honda Unicorn".

For those who don't already know, Honda's logo is a wing, that's why the tag line.

Be a Wing Rider!

What made me choose to "Be a Wing Rider" over "Feeling like God"? Yeah, I was considering the "Bajaj Avenger" as the other option. Though I still like the looks of the only commercial cruiser in the Indian market, a test ride of both the machines made me lean towards the Honda. All else aside, the smoothness of a Honda engine is unmatchable. Adding to that, the gear shift was like hot knife through butter, just smooth.

Then there are the other minor factors which don't matter to us rich spoilt brats like "mileage" and "maintenance costs". The Fuel economy, Honda claims to be 60kmpl and gives about 52kmpl under actual city conditions. And as for maintenance cost, well, it is a commercial mass produced mobike which means, the costs are reasonable unlike that for an enthusiast segment like the Royal Enfields which need care, I repeat, proper CARE for which we don't have the time nor passion (No pun intended).

So, then paid 1k as advance at Haiku Honda, Domlur and got an estimated wait time of 30 days. It costed Rs. 69125 on-road (including accessories)as of today. Surprisingly, they called within a week asking me to pay the rest of the money and said that it would be delivered within another week. So, paid the rest and waited patiently till today. Got a call this afternoon that it is ready. Will go to collect it tomorrow (Nalla Naal & Neram :P).

Right from the day I booked it, have been looking for some hi-res pics of the silver Unicorn, PDFs of the user manual and any other material but didn't find even a single one.  So, if you, oh reader, come across one, please care to share the link. I shall scan all the docs and post it too.

So, the schedule for tomorrow is packed. After office, head to Domlur, collect the mobike, head to Shell, fill up and after a long hiatus, will be visiting the Vehicle Ganapathy temple on Kasturba Road, opposite the museum to perform a Pooja and then head home.

Why Shell? Well, I have first hand experience of the other bunks. I just love Shell for their service and quality: "Namaskaara Sir, Normalaa, Superaa?, Cashaa, Cardaa?, Yeshtu Oil? Zero sir.." and no expectation for a tip. Nice :)

So, see you all later.

Ooh almost forgot, I'm getting the Silver coloured one with the metallic Honda Monogram on the tank because Black's too common and scratches and dust would easily be visible on Black. Watch this space more pics.

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