Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long Overdue - Part 1

You may wonder why no post for more than a month. If you know me, you'd know my schedule. If you know that you'd know that I like my somnolence on weekends. A reason why I haven't been able to  complete reading the Rs. 4000 worth books that I bought some time ago.

Why a post suddenly now, you may ask.  Well, I didn't want you oh regular reader to feel ignored.  So, here goes...

A lot happened over the past month. I'm writing this for my own record although oh stranger, you can bore yourself by reading this journal of mine.

Let me go in reverse chronological order.

Today I got an SMS from BSNL offering me an upgrade to  1Mbps from my current 256kbps unlimited at Rs.1499 and 2Mbps at Rs.2999. It asked me to check for details which I want to but the internet speed currently is so damn slow that I'm just able to write this blog and nothing else.

If you are a regular reader, you'd know that I've been wanting to move this blog and my site altogether to a paid host and have been procrastinating because of financial problems and not able to find the right host. Was talking about it to a friend and he has been using this host called and vouches for their service. So, have decided to try them out once I accumulate enough money.

Earlier this week, got to seeing the Harvard lectures of the CS50 course which came on this month's Digit's DVD and have been hooked to it ever since. Also, looking at Prof. David J. Malan, even I want to get a Mac Book Pro but again, I'm broke. So, if you, the reader feels especially altruistic and want to help a fellow human being, then please donate towards my MacBook Pro Fund by shooting an email to me. :P

My sis has just finished her semester exams and has started making me envy her for she is in her holidays now. College re-opens only 16th next month. That's 20 days of freedom to her. I wish I could rewind a few years and go back to my school days too. Miss it.

In the good thought of not making you strain your eye, oh reader, I shall write the rest of the update in the next post. (Excuse for being lazy, don't believe me.)

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